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Starting a new business? Read this.

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

One of the main mantras we use around here is,

Of course, we all know owning a business isn't that easy, but there are plethora of additional elements you need to ensure your business gains the exposure and branding to be successful in the early stages.

Google Mobile Business and Bird Dog Development

Google sees 'claiming your listing' as being a major authority signal to your business. Not to mention, for visibility sake, this is a prime chance to get your business ranked and quickly. Want to know one common mistake when claiming a listing? People tend to claim then forget they even have the listing! We always tell clients to treat their GMB listing much like social media!

2. Social Media Platforms - 20 years ago, obviously barely existent, social media had limited roles and effectively played no part in search rankings. Social Media plays a huge part in today's society and our businesses marketplace. A very large contingent of people will search of goods/services on Facebook before they visit a site. Thus, social media plays a huge role in starting your business and obtaining that unique exposure. Caution: It takes some time to grow your social media platforms so be persistent and goal driven!

3. Website (or other applicable site): Another vital component to ranking and being seen! We see tons of businesses that say, "I'm good, I have a Facebook..." While we encourage social media and its usage to sell in social circles, Google sees a website attached to it GMB listing as a signal of authority. A proper SEO'd website can greatly enhance sales and visibility.

While there are many more elements that can help 'start' your business, these are the three 'big boys'. If you plan on doing this yourself, PLEASE make sure and read up/research what you are doing and how to efficiently execute your plan!

If you need help handling these issues, please feel free to give us a call and reach out. We love helping small businesses start and as important, see growth! We have extensive knowledge in small business growth, branding, exposure, and other marketability elements which help sales/growth!

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Clint Burges, Principal

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