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Small Business | It's not that easy

Look, we get it, starting a small business isn't easy. Never has been and probably never will be.

With that said, our main thought process here is to make it through those rough times. Our thought process is relatively simple at Bird Dog Development; 'crawl before you walk.' (That actually comes from our 'athletics' days), but the important thing to remember is to take your time.

One of the larger mistakes small business owners make (in our opinion), is being concerned about the wrong thing at the wrong time. Take, for example, we worked with a small business startup (name shall remain nameless) who felt it was more important to print shirts before worrying about a local marketing strategy. Granted, printing shirts is somewhat defined as marketing but this company felt that was the path to making their business 'go.' Needless to say, this company is struggling a bit.

The important lesson here is this - take time to work out your logistics and long-range plans. Speaking on plans, they change all the time. (No secret there!) But, (big but), plan your strategy out as best and efficient as you can. Then when it comes time to pivot in your business strategy, you'll feel much better about making that decision.

Build a plan, think it through, and work on the mission. The rest will come with hard work.

To summarize, this is where Bird Dog Development can help your business start those conversations. We specialize in everything from graphics and web design, to strategy sessions that can help grow your business. For more information, reach out!


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